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Notice on members transfering personal information

22-08-09 17:19

Hi, This is O!Oi.

We automatically created an account ID with e-mail you filled in, and updated your personal information
for the convenience of members who have agreed to transfer their personal information.

Please use the account ID on OIOI's new global website.
Prior to use, password setting is required, and the setting method is as follows.

[How to set the password]

1. In Account menu > Sign in, you will receive an e-mail about password setting notification after sign-in without entering the password.
2. Password can be set after account authentication through password setting notification e-mail. If the password cannot be set, please contact O!Oi customer service center.
3. Password can be changed addtionally on Account menu.

If you have any additional questions, please contact O!Oi customer service center anytime.

Thank you.